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Our property prices: higher than ever

Our property prices: higher than ever

Having dinner with friends last week, I nearly fell off my chair when one of them told us their house at Eagle Vale had been listed for $600,000. It is great news, don’t get me wrong, that finally the region is being seen as an attractive one to invest in and buyers are fighting over each other to grab a slice of the property action. That local property prices are rapidly rising and reaching levels we once thought would be sheer fantasy is also great news. If you are old enough you would remember how for much of the 1980s… Read more »

Hubris alert for booming Liverpool

Hubris alert for booming Liverpool

This has been a triumphant week for Liverpool and the leadership team of Ned Mannoun and his Liberal Party colleagues on the council. A university campus, finally, announced on Monday by the premier, Mike Baird. That’s a biggie, a game changer. Not as big as the Badgerys Creek airport, but it’s up there near the top. A less well known game changer is the decision by the local law firm Brydens to invest $20 million in a brand new seven storey tower adjacent to Westfield, which will be their head office when it’s completed in 2017. But not just any… Read more »

What ghetto are you talking about?

What ghetto are you talking about?

I really don’t like commenting on other media if I can avoid it, because that’s precisely what they want. That was the case in the Struggle Street reality SBS show about the lives of some Mt Druitt people doing it tough. Blacktown Council’s garbage truck protest was understandable, but all it achieved in the end was to get more publicity for SBS, who would have lapped it all up and enjoyed record ratings when the show went to air that night. Following on from that, the Sunday paper that’s slowly but surely about to disappear into the garbage bin of… Read more »

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas. The big day is finally here for kids big and small and they will all be hoping for lots of packages from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree have their names on them. Which is as it should be. Just ask Santa’s helper in my household, who believesRead more »


Thanks for the lesson, Gough

In hindsight, our Top Five this week should have been a Top Six, with the addition of advice to leave the world a better place than you found it. During this remarkable week, when a memorial services for the ages was held today for Gough Whitlam, his credo seemed toRead more »

Blink and you will miss it: Fisher's Ghost Restaurant or Milby Cottage

Our history, our shame

Will we ever learn to value our history, especially old buildings which are the only visible link to the past? Does anyone really care beyond paying lip service to the importance of history in our place? Take a walk on the main street of Liverpool and Campbelltown and you willRead more »

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