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Issues like the intermodal proposal for Moorebank leave local residents who don't want it built next to their homes feel like nobody is listening to them.

Can new PM give us our voices back?

A million words have already been written about our new Prime Minister and he’s been in the job barely four days. In fact he hasn’t even been able to move into his new office yet, but it hasn’t stopped the rush to fill media space with commentary upon commentary. It’sRead more »


Political lesson for young Liverpool mayor

Just when things were going so well for Liverpool… And they were: there are more cranes in the Liverpool CBD than almost anywhere comparable in the whole country. Plans have been unveiled to make the Macquarie Mall even better and to link the CBD with the Georges River with cycleRead more »


Here is the news: more editorial cuts

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read here that my old employers Fairfax Media were again taking the knife to the hard working journalists and photographers of our community newspapers. The place was already decimated a little over a year ago when some of the bestRead more »

And the Georges River, from Milperra Bridge to Campbelltown

Wanted: strategy to protect our natural assets

We are pretty comfortable and relaxed around here in the great south west these days and no wonder. Our property prices are going up at a rate of knots, we are getting a stack of new infrastructure, from an international airport at Badgerys Creek to new roads and railways, newRead more »


Why we must stand up for WestConnex

Make no mistake: if you are one of the 200,000 or so western and south western Sydney workers who has to get into the car every morning and drive east to your place of employment, the WestConnex road project is aimed squarely at you. The 33 kilometre WestConnex tollway willRead more »

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