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Our heritage assets are worth fighting for

It may be early days, but whichever way you look at it, the development application to rezone the land around Macquarie Fields House for housing is of great concern. It becomes an even greater concern when you consider that the Scenic Hills are under development attack on three fronts. TheRead more »


Time to come clean on TAFE, Mr Baird

The Baird Government has to come clean on TAFE. It has to tell us what its intentions are regarding this historic and important educational institution. There are fears that in sticking to some sort of conservative ideological position the government may end up throwing out the baby with the bathRead more »


Hurlstone decision wrong, wrong, wrong

The State Government will come to regret this decision to relocate Hurlstone Agricultural High School and sell of much of the land it sits on. It is wrong on so many fronts I really do not know where to start. First, it is a slap in the face to theRead more »


There’s something about Scott

There’s something about our new treasurer that’s different. Scott Morrison is not content with short term solutions and that’s something to like about him. Whether as immigration minister or when he was briefly in charge of social security, Morrison wanted to find real, long terms solutions to problems. Which is theRead more »


Democracy: playing the ball, not the man

It doesn’t matter what level of democracy you’re talking about, one thing that’s constant is respect by the participants for the right of others to express a contrary view. Let’s remind ourselves of Voltaire’s freedom of speech declaration: I violently disagree with you but I will fight to the deathRead more »

Issues like the intermodal proposal for Moorebank leave local residents who don't want it built next to their homes feel like nobody is listening to them.

Can new PM give us our voices back?

A million words have already been written about our new Prime Minister and he’s been in the job barely four days. In fact he hasn’t even been able to move into his new office yet, but it hasn’t stopped the rush to fill media space with commentary upon commentary. It’sRead more »

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