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Online journalist to au pair in America – careers expo has got it all

careers expo in Minto Indoor Sports Centre.

This stand for au pairs in America was very popular at today’s careers expo in Minto Indoor Sports Centre.

Plenty of local young people are still interested in careers in journalism, according to Macleay College, who had a stand at today’s 2017 Macarthur Careers Expo.

They were one of scores of educational institutions in Minto Indoor Sports Centre who were available to talk to local students about careers at this annual event.

From chefs to the military to TAFE and pretty much most of the universities, they were all represented once again at the popular expo.

The young man who was part of the Macleay College stand said that more girls than boys had shown interest in a journalism career an hour into the expo.

And this interest was mostly focused on digital journalism.

The expo is an initiative of mwlp linking youth in partnership with Macarthur schools careers advisors.

Most local high schools were attending today’s expo, which will end at 2pm, having opened from 10am this morning.

Organisers were expecting around 3,000 students to pass through the doors of Minto Sports Centre by the time the expo finishes.

Three local schools were not taking part this year, for various reasons, including a clash with other events.

But Minto Indoor Sports Centre was still buzzing with activity as students from both government and non-government high schools moved from one stand to another seeking information that would help them make a decision on what career to pursue.

The expo offers career information across a range of occupations as well as hands on activities such as woodwork and information sessions in the upstairs spaces of Minto Indoor Sports Centre.

Disability groups, including Macarthur Disability Service, were also taking part today.

One of the most popular stands was promoting woodwork for girls and the message that careers are gender neutral.

Another was for au pairs in the United States.

For more information on the expo and careers visit the website here.

Sue Scobie from mwlp at the careers expo

Sue Scobie from mwlp at the careers expo in Minto Indoor Sports Centre this morning.




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