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Breast cancer: women encouraged to be proactive

Breast cancer awareness is vital

Breast cancer awareness is vital: South Western Sydney Local Health District McGrath Breast Care Nurses Pharmila Sapkota, Vicki Bell and Linda Nolasco are encouraging women to ensure they check their breasts every month.

Every day eight women die from breast cancer in Australia.

It’s a terrible statistic to go with one in eight Australian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

And it’s precisely why the McGrath Foundation’s breast care nurses based in the South Western Sydney Local Health District are encouraging local women to be breast aware.

October is breast cancer awareness month and McGrath Foundation breast care nurse Pharmila Sapkota says it’s important for women to do regular self-examinations of their breasts.

“The best time for women to self-examine their breasts is two or three days following their period or on a regular day each month for women who’ve gone through menopause,” she said.

“Regular self examinations will give women a good understanding of what is normal in their breasts and what might be unusual and worth getting checked.

“If women find any unusual breast discharge or lumps on or around the breast or under the armpit they should go straight to their GP,” Ms Sapkota said.

BreastScreen Australia targets women from 50 to 74 for mammograms every two years because they are in a breast cancer high incidence age group.

Ms Sapkota said women over the age of 40 should also be aware they are eligible to free mammograms through BreastScreen every two years.

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