Ivan Milat’s mark set in stone in Eagle Vale

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Set in concrete: Ivan Milat’s and sister Shirley’s initials are carved in this path in the home they shared in Cinnabar Place, Eagle Vale, where the backpacker killer was arrested in May 1994.

A little more than 25 years ago, in Cinnabar Street in Eagle Vale, a quiet, unassuming little residential street on the western side of Campbelltown, a major police operation in NSW took place.

It was early in the morning in May, 1994 and more than 50 police officers surrounded the house shared by Ivan Milat and his sister Shirley Soire.

Milat was arrested and charged with the murder of seven backpackers in Belanglo Forest and is now serving life in Goulburn jail, his file marked “never to be released’’.

Many of the neighbours have since talked to the media about what Milat and his sister were like.

One  family, who built their home behind  Milat’s some time after the arrest, recently noticed a concrete path in the front yard bearing the initials of Ivan and Shirlery and dated 1993, a year before the police swooped.

Milat may be long gone from Cinnabar Street, Eagle Vale but the evidence he was there for a time lives on for the time being.


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