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B.U.T.T. gets nod but Glen Alpine is saved from medium density

Plans for a 57m telecommunications tower got the green light at council last night.

Residents say it will be a B.U.T.T. Plans for a 57m telecommunications tower near five acre properties at Menangle Road got the green light at council last night.

Big Ugly Telecommunications Tower – B.U.T.T. for short – will soon be the first thing people see when entering Campbelltown along the Hume Highway.

It follows Campbelltown Council’s decision last night to approve plans for a giant 57 metre tower on the south west corner of the University of Western Sydney campus.

“B.U.T.T. will be saying: welcome to Campbelltown,’’ said a resident opposed to the tower who addressed the council before the vote was taken.

Another resident who spoke said: “This tower will be the last nail in the coffin of the rural lifestyle of our properties.’’

Both Menangle Road residents said the tower would be an eyesore and a better location was needed.

A higher location would reduce the need for such a tall tower, as well.

But having deferred making a decision once already, councillors put it to the vote and gave it the green light last night.

But another, larger group of residents in the public gallery left a lot happier when council unanimously voted down controversial plans for medium density in Figree Crescent, Glen Alpine.

Councillors lined up to blast the proposal to build four homes on a 1,500 square metre block.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for this,’’ added his colleague, Cr Margaret Chivers.

Officers had recommended approval of the development application on the basis that Campbelltown needed to deliver a variety of housing types across the local government area.

Residents who spoke before the vote was taken pointed out that lots at Glen Alpine were originally sold with guarantees of minimum block sizes, one home per block and other covenant conditions.

It remains to be seen whether the applicant will now take out legal action in the Land and Environment Court.

Last night it was pointed out that the minimum block at Glen Alpine was 500 sqm.

This plan was for a 1500 sqm block of land and there was speculation last night the developer may come back to council with a proposal to subdivide into just three new lots to meet the 500 sqm requirement.

The Figtree Crescent, Glen Alpine site

Staying as it is for now: The Figtree Crescent, Glen Alpine site



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