Artexpress exhibition: Love of mother country shines in HSC artwork

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Sojourn (Under An Indian Sky) by Fradeena Sabu, John Therry Catholic High School
Love of the mother country: Sojourn (Under An Indian Sky) by Fradeena Sabu, John Therry Catholic High School

Fradeena Sabu’s artwork Sojourn (Under An Indian Sky) was selected as one of the best HSC entries for visual arts in NSW.

The work of this John Therry Catholic High School student will now come back home to Campbelltown as part of the artexpress exhibition.

This is a display of the best artworks selected from the 9,004 students who submitted bodies of work for the 2016 NSW HSC practical examination in visual arts.

The works will be on display at the Campbelltown Arts Centre from this Friday, April 7.

Fradeena Sabu’s Sojourn, which will be among them, expresses her love for her mother country, India.

Sojourn presents the audience an insight into the beauty and culture, seemingly frozen in time, through the photomedia medium.

“If being attached to your mother is natural, so is your love for your mother country,’’ says Fradeena Sabu.

“On a recent trip to see my grandparents in Kerala, South India, interacting with the rural community provided confronting imagery.

“These moments unearth all; the seen and unseen elements of this dynamic land,’’ she said.

Michael Dagostino, the director of Campbelltown Arts Centre, says artexpress showcases the accomplishments of HSC students and celebrates their successes.

“We are proud to present artexpress,’’ he said.

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”default”]“It is inspiring to see such diverse themes explored across a variety of media, including quite a few ceramics and animated works in the mix.’’[/social_quote]

Artexpress is a joint partnership of NSW Education Standards Authority and NSW Department of Education.

This curated display consists of 42 artworks across 12 media forms with diverse themes.

The artexpress exhibitions are recognised both nationally and internationally, bringing together emerging student artists, teachers, families and the greater community to showcase the success of the NSW visual arts syllabus and creative arts education.

Artexpress will be on display at Campbelltown Arts Centre between April 7 and May 14.

The centre is open daily from 10am to 4pm and entry is free.

Artexpress is coming: Campbelltown Arts Centre
Artexpress is coming: Campbelltown Arts Centre



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