Another award for Harrington Grove

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Award for Harrington Grove.
Celebration for an award: Harrington’s Bar and Grill in the Harrington Grove Country Club.

Harrington Grove has been named the best master planned community in NSW at the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW [UDIA] Meriton Awards for Excellence.

The awards for 2016 were presented last Friday.

The award recognises master planned developments that are designed for self-sufficiency and provide high standards of design, diversity and housing choice. Specifically, projects worthy of this award must create a sense of place and include a range of lifestyle and community facilities.

Harrington Grove is a master planned, community-oriented residential development.

It won state and national UDIUA awards in 2013 and 2014.

The estate sets new standards in urban form, sympathy to surroundings, community involvement, and a strong sense of place.

Its high class facilities include the Harrington Grove Country Club, with its resort-style pool, tennis courts, community rooms, fully-equipped gym, amphitheatre and barbecue areas, as well as the Magnolia Club and future Michelia Club, which also offer residents a range of accessible facilites.

The unswerving vision to deliver an urban development with premium facilities and infrastructure in keeping with the highest quality tradition has led Harrington Grove to be awarded this honour by its industry and peers.

In delivering an urban development with premium facilities and infrastructure, Harrington Grove has remained true to the vision of a master planned residential community, built to take the fullest advantage of the natural bushland surroundings. Keeping to the high quality tradition, the vision of Harrington Grove is to create a low density, sustainable community set in a natural landscape that ensures environmental impact is minimised.

Community central to Harrington Grove identity

“The high quality facilities have been instrumental in delivering the tight-knit community that forms the nucleus of Harrington Grove,’’ says Terry Goldacre, Managing Director of Harrington Grove.

“The active community program strengthens the ties between residents while reinforcing the friendship that underpins the entire estate.”

In line with the overall masterplan vision of Harrington Grove, all precincts are meticulously planned and reviewed to ensure the new division reflects the overall character of Harrington Grove, with landscaping of mature deciduous trees building upon the unique character of the area.

Each new precinct sets and maintains a sense of place by ensuring that development density and scale is in harmony with the desired future character of the locality.

“A development can just be a row of houses, but a community is a development plus the social support and involvement,” Mr Goldacre said.

“By investing in the facilities and events to foster a sense of unity and commitment in Harrington Grove, the end result is a community of residents who care for each other and the facilities they share.”


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