AI presentation to sneak preview of films on chamber menu

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Kirk Duncan, the Mobile Apps Man, explaining the explosion of artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT at last week’s dinner meeting of Narellan business chamber would have been an eye opener for anyone attending their first such gathering.

Not all business chambers are the same, but one thing they share is a guest speaker.

It wasn’t that long ago successful sports people dominated in that space, but it seems the focus has returned to those who not only lead the way in business but are the forefront of the technological revolution happening right before our eyes.

Duncan’s terrific presentation about what’s happening in the AI space, and what it could mean for business, took that to a new level.

Duncan, pictured above, who lives with his family in Glen Alpine, would no doubt have been happy to take more questions after his talk – and there were lots of hands still up when chamber president Anne Parnham declared that time had run out.

But as good as the talk on ChatGPT was, there was lots more on offer at this Greater Narellan chamber of commerce dinner meeting at Camden Lakeside last Wednesday evening.

Those present – there were more than 100 local business people in attendance – were also treated to a sneak peek of two films bound for the big screen in the next few months.

Local resident and would be Hollywood mogul Daniel Fenech, the man behind Brick Studios, showed scenes from The Blind Sea and Christmess.

Judging from the reaction of the audience he could be on a couple of winners there.

Fenech, who has been featured in the South West Voice over the past three years, told us he was hoping to have a special Campbelltown premiere of Christmess when the film is released to cinemas.

That’s because many of the scenes in it were shot right here in the Macarthur area.

If these films are a hit, some of us can say we were the first to see bits of them – at a chamber meeting of all places.

If you’d like to know more about the Narellan chamber, visit their website here.

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