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New Wilton town centre to help create thousands of jobs

Around 8,000 jobs will be created and almost 6,000 new homes built following the finalisation of important projects supporting the growth of Greater Sydney.

One of them is the rezoning of 193 hectares of land at Wilton to create a new town centre. The picture above shows how it will look.

“We need more homes to meet current and future demand, supported by infrastructure, and our work at Wilton will create more connected, green communities,” says NSW planning and public spaces minister Rob Stokes.

“Up to an additional 7,000 new jobs and 1,600 homes will be created at Wilton through this rezoning, which is the final piece of the puzzle needed to support the Wilton Growth Area, bringing the town centre precinct on-line with the rezoned North and South-East Wilton Precincts.

“The rezoning brings the 20-year vision for the area a step closer, with the town centre precinct featuring new walking and cycling paths, a public transport hub, and a future school site.

“Development of the Wilton growth area will build on the NSW Government’s promise to deliver 18,000 homes in South Western Sydney, across Glenfield, Lowes Creek Maryland, Leppington and Wilton.”

The rezoning will come into effect on March 31 next year, with more detailed planning for Wilton Town Centre precinct to be undertaken through the preparation of a neighbourhood plan.

For more information on the Wilton rezoning, visit:

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