Wests Tigers returning to traditional home grounds in 2024

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Wests Tigers will return to their traditional home grounds in 2024, but say that without stadium upgrades at Campbelltown and Leichhardt cannot make a long term commitment.

The club has this afternoon announced Wests Tigers will play 10 of its 12 home games next season at its two traditional home grounds.

Campbelltown Sports Stadium and Leichhardt Oval will each host five NRL games, with one home game to be played in Brisbane as part of Magic Round, and another still to be confirmed.

Returning to the club’s two spiritual homes is part of a strategic priority for Wests Tigers to recapture its identity and give back to its army of loyal fans.

The 2024 homecoming follows a disjointed 2023 season, when both venues were being utilised by the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe says the five-five split will help to reinforce Wests Tigers identity.

“We are Wests Tigers, and Wests Tigers’ two spiritual homes and historical homes are Leichhardt and Campbelltown,” he said.

“We are very proud to represent Sydney’s Inner West and South West Sydney, and this is where we should be playing most of our home games.’’

Pascoe says the equal-share strategy is what fans are craving.

“Our fans have been very understanding and very flexible in recent years with home games being played at multiple venues. 

“It’s important to note that we no longer have contractual obligations at other venues, so we are now able to bring games back to our two traditional homes.”

However the club makes it clear it would like to see improvements at both, which means government funding is crucial if Wests Tigers are to commit long-term to home games at its two traditional venues.

“As a club we are wanting and willing to commit to this strategy, but these grounds must be fit for purpose. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

“For this to happen we need government, both State and Federal, to be on the same page.

“We need facilities to be improved to adequately cater for both NRL and NRLW games.

“We have invested a lot of resources into ensuring we have an elite pathway for women and one that is equal.

“It’s bordering on negligent to think that we don’t have female change rooms at these grounds. This is just unacceptable. 

“Government must understand that without the appropriate level of funding, these two great home grounds will become obsolete. That is something none of us want.”

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