Roll up, roll up: exhibition is a tribute to great Aussie women

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Shout Out to the Girls exhibition is a tribute to the Australian women who made their mark and help shape our nation’s history.

Some may ask what took so long to focus on the achievements and contributions of the “better half’’ of our country.

That’s probably a story for another day, but the Shout Out to the Girls exhibition currently in the Camden Civic Centre, should be on everyone’s to do list over the next few weeks.

Inspired by children’s book Shout Out to The Girls: A Celebration of Awesome Australian Women, the exhibition showcases a series of portraits by Australian female artists featuring extraordinary Australian women.

The works celebrate great Aussie women in all fields, from all walks of life, from Australia’s past and present.

Another notable woman, the Mayor of Camden, Cr Theresa Fedeli, said the exhibition was a fantastic way to show the achievements of Australian women.

“From Cathy Freeman to Turia Pitt, Edith Cowan to Mum Shirl and Vali Myers, plus rally car drivers, molecular biologists and many more – women have played an instrumental part in our history,” says Cr Fedeli.

“It is fantastic that we can have such an amazing, family friendly exhibition displayed at the Camden Civic Centre.

“This is a great chance for residents and visitors alike to visit the civic centre and take in the inspiring portraits.”

Shout Out to the Girls will be hung in the Ferguson Gallery at the Camden Civic Centre until Monday, December 21.

While entry is free, the exhibition is available for viewing only during weekdays Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, which will make it hard for to get to for people who work those times.

Visitors are required to adhere to current social distancing regulations, hygiene practices, and registration processes.

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