New survey finds Camden residents are living the dream

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It’s no secret that people who live in the Camden area are a pretty happy lot and one rarely hears a Camden resident being negative about their neck of the woods.

They are prosperous, enjoy an enviable city-country lifestyle, have a great history and a close knit community.

Now a professional survey commissioned by Camden Council has confirmed just that.

The survey, conducted by Micromex Research in October 2023, questioned residents in the Camden area about the quality of life in their local government area.

The results revealed a combined 97 percent of respondents said they had either an excellent, very good or good quality of life in the Camden area.

This was in comparison to Micromex’s benchmark of other growth councils of 93 percent of the three positive categories combined.

The survey sample comprised interview responses from a random sample of 401 residents which provides a maximum standard error of just under five percent at the 95 percent confidence level, which is considered robust and best practice for this type of research.

Participants were selected through a random sampling method utilising Australian marketing lists with representation across gender and age demographics.

Camden residents support community events like Anzac Day in big numbers.

Mayor of Camden, Cr Ashleigh Cagney, was obviously pleased with the survey findings.

“I am proud to see Camden’s excellent results particularly compared with other council areas across the region,” she said.

“Thank you to all who took part in the survey, your voices are integral to finding out how the community views their home, their neighbourhood and our local facilities as well as the things we can do at council to improve it.”

The survey also asked about the services delivered by Camden Council.

According to the survey, Camden Council is excelling in service delivery and community satisfaction.

Similarly, 96 percent of Camden residents reported being very satisfied, satisfied or somewhat satisfied with council’s overall performance.

This compares well with the growth council benchmark of 84 percent.

The research and consultancy agency also completed an employee survey of Camden Council employees.

Results indicated 94 percent were at least moderately satisfied, with 71 percent very satisfied or satisfied.

Furthermore, 79 percent of staff were highly likely to recommend Camden Council as a great place to work.

General Manager of Camden Council, Andrew Carfield, said he was proud of the results of the survey.

“Camden Council continues to deliver exceptional local services for our community, and I am keen to use this valuable feedback from our community and employees to ensure we continue to improve as an organisation,” he said.

“The strength of our community and organisation is evident through these results. As the fastest growing local government area in the country, I am pleased to see that our residents’ quality of life too is thriving.”

The Community Satisfaction Survey results are now available on Council’s website at

1 thought on “New survey finds Camden residents are living the dream”

  1. I’m reasonably happy in Camden council as the council is providing services and community projects within its means without always asking for more money from its ratepayers way above the IPART caps!
    Unlike other councils.
    As long as this remains and we don’t get a green woke council who care more for ideology rather than resident happiness we will be fine.
    Thankyou Camden council for listening to my personal concerns and living within our means rather than jacking up council rates and doing a great job on Roads Rates and Rubbish.


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