Leppington MP welcomes security boost for religious organisations

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Local MP Nathan Hagarty says Leppington faith communities are set to benefit as the NSW Government delivers on its promise to ensure places of worship across the state are safer and more secure through the Safe Places for Faith Communities program.

He says two local faith organisations have received funding as part of the first round of the program:

St Rafqa’s Maronite Catholic parish received $22,940 for their Project Protect, while Al-Saeed Educational and Welfare Trust received $48,000 in funding towards a security infrastructure upgrade.

“The people who live here in Leppington have shown their commitment to their faiths and we’re proud to be committing to their safety too,’’ said Mr Hagarty, who is pictured above at St Rafqa’s Maronite Catholic parish.

“This investment will have lasting impacts for generations and I’m proud to play my part in bringing about positive outcomes for the many faith and religious communities in Leppington,” he said.

The Safe Places for Faith Communities program is an election commitment and is part of a wider $15 million pledge over four years.

It was developed in consultation with faith and religious groups and experts across the state, as well as Multicultural NSW’s Community Resilience and Response Plan (COMPLAN) committee.

The program takes a resilience based approach to safety and security by supporting prevention, preparedness, response and recovery measures at places where faith communities gather.

“We know that everyday thousands of people right across NSW gather in their houses of worship or significant religious centres,’’ says the NSW minister for multiculturalism Steve Kamper.

“We all have the right to feel safe, wherever we may journey to in our daily lives.

“These grants provide a much needed boost to help keep community safe and secure when they are at their local faith centres.”

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