Minto Public wins race to Whose School’s Cool cash

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The second Minto Mall’s Whose School’s Cool has turned out to be even bigger than the inaugural offering in 2023.

There’s no competition like it, with shoppers at Minto Mall voting for one of six participating schools during the first three months of the year.

But while the top three schools share $10,000 in prizemoney, shoppers who vote also win.

Three $500 prizes are offered, one for each month of the competition.

Minto Mall have counted the votes, and these are the winning schools in 2024:

Minto Public School finished first after receiving 2831 votes to claim the main prizemoney on offer, $5000.

The school says it will spend the money on 11 new laptops to be used for student learning.

 Sarah Redfern High School came second after receiving 2151 votes and wins the $3000 prizemoney.

The third prizemoney of $2000 went to The Grange Public School, which received 1610 votes.

Campbellfield Public School received 1282 votes to finish in fourth spot, followed by Sarah Redfern Public School (926 votes) and Passfield Park (911 votes).

The winners of the three $500 monthly incentive prizes were Dilraj Kang of Minto in January,Erin Howard of Minto in February and Caroline Faatauuu of Minto in March.

Minto Mall centre management have thanked principals, deputy principals and teachers of the six participating schools.

“We wish to thank you all for your support, in what has been once again a most successful and rewarding edition of Whose School’s Cool,’’ Minto Mall said in their note to schools.

“The past three months encountered a number of positional shifts and changes between the schools, in a sometimes, “see-sawing mode” but unfortunately, there can only be three overall winning schools.

“Whose School’s Cool, in many ways brought everyday people together with a common interest of competing and participating for the school their children attend.

“It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and anticipation that came from the students, their parents and their friends promoting and vying for each of the schools to share in the rewards.”

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