Leppington MP lauds Labor’s first 100 days in office

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Nathan Hagarty, the first state representative of Leppington, the newest electorate in NSW, says the new Labor Government deserves to celebrate its first 100 in office.

Mr Hagarty was elected, along with a Minns Labor Government, on March 25.

He says the new administration hit the ground running to address the serious challenges facing NSW after 12 years in opposition with a productive first 100 days, passing 13 bills.

Mr Hagarty, while commending the government on its progress, says he recognises that there is much more to do.

“We have made great progress in our first few months in government, but there is still much more to do to fix the many problems left by the previous government.

“Rebuilding health and education in NSW and reinvesting in our essential workforce is the goal and we have made a great start fulfilling those promises,” Mr Hagarty said.

The Leppington MP says he has also worked to ensure that efforts are focused on his own electorate of Leppington.

“Education Minister [Prue] Car and I are working together to ensure we fix the schools crisis in Leppington,’’ he said.

“We are moving quickly to provide on our promises of a new high school in Leppington which will be delivered in our first term,” he said.

“I have also ensured the upgrade to Fifteenth Avenue is top of the agenda for ministers and the department. plans are progressing quickly to get work started, not just for the upgrade, but for rapid buses to the new airport once it opens in 2026.

“I have also met with local mayors and councils to ensure more parks are delivered and are well maintained, our roads are fixed and our communities are safer,” said Mr Hagarty, who is pictured above with Ms Car.

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  1. Excellent progress Mr Hagarty. Keep up the good work for both your party and the local communities you represent.


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