Top marks: Labor plan to build Leppington high school

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The population of Leppington almost tripled in five years. It grew from 3,500 people in 2016 to more than 9,400 people in 20212.

Neighbouring suburbs such as Austral and Edmondson Park are also among the fastest growing in NSW.

Now Leppington, which is at the heart of that population boom, has a seat named after it, and it’s up for grabs at the March 25 NSW state election.

Local residents are mostly young families with children, so education is high on their priority list after the cost of living.

The Labor Party, which hopes to form government for the first time in 12 years, has responded by promising to build a high school in Leppington.

It says the school would be completed in its first term of office, so within four years from the election.

Its local candidate, Nathan Hagarty, is a Liverpool councillor who knows the area well.

 “South Western Sydney has been crying out for schools, and families have been left frustrated by the failure of the current NSW Government to build enough schools to cater to our region’s growth,’’ he says.
“Residents in Leppington, Denham Court and Austral want a world class local high school and I’m pleased to announce a Minns Labor Government will deliver it,” says Hagarty, pictured above with local residents.

The proposed high school would cater for Leppington, Denham Court and Austral. It will be built as part of NSW Labor’s Growth Areas Schools Plan, which will deliver new and upgraded schools in the fastest growing areas of NSW.

Labor says it will also build high schools in neighbouring growth suburbs Gregory Hills and Gledswood Hills.

Population growth over the next 20 years will see an additional 300,000 people call South Western Sydney home.

“Areas like Leppington are taking the bulk of Sydney’s population growth, but the NSW Liberal Nationals government still haven’t delivered the schools these growing communities need,’’ says Labor leader Chris Minns.

 “My dad was a school teacher. I know how important strong public education is. But it starts with having enough schools to cater for students in growing areas.
“That’s why Labor’s plan will prioritise the fastest growing suburbs for new and upgraded schools.” 

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