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Calls to fast track key Western Sydney Airport infrastructure

There will be chaos on local roads around Western Sydney Airport if vital infrastructure such as an aviation fuel pipeline are not built.

State and Federal Governments have admitted a fuel pipeline to the WSA will not be constructed when the airport opens in 2026 and there’s no agreement on how many fuel trucks will be needed to get planes in the air.
According to a Roads and Maritime Services document 43 B-double fuel tankers would be required each day, which could lead to higher safety risks for motorists, additional congestion and delays to freight corridors.

Infrastructure Australia has predicted up to 65 b-double fuel tankers may be needed daily.
The absence of a fuel line is particularly concerning given the M12 Motorway – deemed to be one of the nation’s highest priority projects by Infrastructure Australia – is already two years behind schedule.
NSW Labor says this is an important opportunity to prioritise NSW based companies, supply chains and workers as part of the opposition’s NSW-made campaign.
Fast tracking the M12 Motorway and fuel pipeline projects would boost local employment and help kick-start economic recovery.

Build key airport infrastructure: senior NSW Labor MPs John Graham, left, and Greg Warren.

Greg Warren, Labor’s Western Sydney spokesman, said it was incomprehensible that the Liberals would refuse to build the pipeline and risk the safety of motorists to save a buck.
“The documents show driver safety will be compromised if the fuel line is not constructed by 2026,” said the Campbelltown MP.
“The RMS document warned 43 B-double deliveries per day would jeopardise motorist safety.  The odds obviously increase if there are 65 deliveries per day.
“This is the clearest example yet of this government prioritising profits over the safety.

“Let’s get these projects under way and get NSW-based companies, supply chains and employees involved.”

Labor Roads spokesman John Graham says the State and Federal Governments must ensure the M12 Motorway will be complete when the WSA opens in 2026.
“Without the M12 in place as the airport opens, passengers will fly in from around the world and hit gridlock,” Mr Graham said.
“While that might be an authentic Sydney experience, it’s not how we were hoping to welcome them.
“We want a job creating airport in western Sydney, not Sydney’s newest car park. 
“The opposition and Infrastructure Australia agree the M12 is a high priority project.”

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