‘We all have the potential to experience a peaceful, happy life’

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Kelsang Jangsem says it is entirely possible to reduce our worrying to the extent that we have a radically improved life.

The resident teacher of the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Sydney, Jangsem has been practising meditation and Buddhism since 1997.

He will bring all that experience, including practical solutions to anxiety and worry, to Campbelltown on February 17.

In a presentation titled Stop Worrying, Start Living, Jangsem will share advice for how to identify some of our most unhelpful thought patterns.

“Having identified negative mental patterns, we are then able to gradually replace them with positive states of mind that help us to relax into our underlying mental peace,’’ he says.

“We all have the potential to experience a peaceful, happy life.

“We just need to understand how to unlock that potential within ourselves.”

Anxiety is the most commonly reported mental health challenge in our country.

The list of things that we worry about is endless, from money to our children, to the state of the world.

Although we seem completely justified, it is important to understand how worrying negatively affects us, says Jangsem.

“It is also helpful to consider whether there are alternatives that will improve the quality of our life.

“Worrying causes us to feel stressed and anxious.

 “The more we worry, the more stressed we become. worrying leads to feeling fearful of new opportunities and can limit our ability to live a fulfilling life.’’

Buddhism has offered penetrating insight into the human mind for thousands of years. Many of the modern psychological approaches to treating anxiety, depression and other mental disorders stem from Buddhist wisdom.


WHAT Stop Worrying, Start Living lecture

WHO Kelsang Jangsem

WHEN Saturday, February 17 from 7pm

WHERE Campbelltown Uniting Church, Allman Street

For more information visit  https://meditateinsydney.org/campbelltown

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