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How free coffee voucher led Milli to her dream home

Here’s a story for everyone who is venturing out this weekend, trying to find their dream first home somewhere in the great South West Sydney region.

A free coffee voucher left under the windscreen wiper of her car led Milli Valle Rodriguez to buying her first home.

The voucher was for the Daily Bean Café at Ed.Square, Frasers Property Australia’s new community located in the middle between Liverpool and Campbelltown.

Milli, 30, says she had always been “curious about what the structures were there.”

A few days later, she asked her mum to join her for a coffee and a sticky beak.

The Daily Bean opened in Ed.Square’s sales centre last year.

Milli says the café was already buzzing and gave her a sense of what the new community may be like once complete.

The first Ed.Square residents are expected to move into their new homes in 2020, which will coincide with the completion of the first stage of the town centre.

Sold on Ed.Square: Milli Valle Rodriguez and Jean Carlos Wong Davila.

Milli started to look at the home choices at Ed.Square online.

Then she took her mother to look through The Madison, a three-bedroom town home option.

“The following week I took my fiancé in and he immediately said, I want the Lexington,” says Milli.

The Lexington is a large four-bedroom town home set over three levels.

But along with her fiancé Jean Carlos Wong Davila, 30, she knew she had to get it right.

The couple took their time and researched other communities in the area.

Yet they kept coming back to Ed.Square and eventually purchased a three bedroom Brighton home with an extra family room for $810,000.

“The main reason we were drawn to the community was how much outside space there is,’’ Milli said.

“We thought the homes and the town centre had really clever layout ideas and Ed.Square is the most convenient location.

“We really liked the easy access to the motorways and the train station. They had finished the Woollies already which was great, and they have already brought in the on-demand buses.”

The Ed.Square townhouses have a focus on sustainable design.

“As we investigated further, we realised just how environmentally friendly our new home is and what it meant for the Ed.Square community,” she says.

“We are really impressed and really happy. Our new home has geothermal heating and cooling and dual plumbing among other awesome features. We think the design is really with the times and moving in the right direction.”

Milli says she and Jean Carlos are really looking forward to being part of the Ed.Square community.

“We love the green spaces, the outdoor and the fact it will be a walkable community,” Milli says.

“It’s nice to have our own outdoor spaces and home and then be able to mingle with the wider community to get to know who lives with us.”

Milli and John Carlos expect to move into their new home in late 2020, after their wedding in April.

“We will just stay with my family until then,” Milli says.

The first stage of the Ed.Square Town Centre is set to be completed in the second half of 2020, coinciding with the first residents moving in.

Stage 2 will include up to an additional 15,000 sqm, bringing the total retail space to 40,000 sqm, including an additional 60 shops.

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