Best of the best vying to design great park for new city

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The design competition for a stunning two hectare park in Australia’s newest city is nearing its final stage with five leading architect firms short-listed to present their project vision to an esteemed and independent jury.

Spanning the size of three football fields, the park is located in the heart of Bradfield City Centre – one of the State’s largest and most ambitious new developments next to the new international airport at Badgerys Creek.

Competition is fierce, with all five architect firms vying for the opportunity to deliver Central Park – Bradfield City Centre’s ‘jewel in the crown’ and most important green, open space.

James Corner, world-renowned landscape architect and designer of Manhattan’s iconic High Line in New York City, joins Government Architect NSW Abbie Galvin; FLUMINIS Design Advisory Services’ Kate Luckraft; Gallagher Studio’s Dr Libby Gallagher and Jiwah’s Clarence Slockee on the jury to decide the concept design winner.

Western Parkland City Authority chair Jennifer Westacott says Central Park will not only be a destination and key point of arrival, especially for overseas visitors, but an important arts and culture hub too.

“Investment in public spaces is important because a well-designed public space brings people and importantly businesses in, boosting the economic value of everything around it,” Ms Westacott said.

“Central Park is important to Bradfield City Centre because for many, it will be the first impression they have of Australia when they arrive from Western Sydney International Airport.

“It also needs to be a beautiful and functional space for visitors, workers and residents to gather, to play or rest and act as the perfect backdrop for performances and pop-up events.”

Ms Westacott said the Central Park competition had a strong emphasis on design and engagement with traditional custodians.

“Designing and connecting with country has been done with consultation of the traditional custodians through all phases of the competition,” Ms Westacott said.

“As the principal gathering place with a strong identity celebrating First Nations people, recognising culture and connection to country, it was vital the Central Park design tells the stories of country.” 

Landscape architect and juror, James Corner said public space is the lifeblood of any successful city and community.

“This is not just landscape, planting, and greening. Central Park will have significant cultural, economic, and environmental value.”

Vying for the opportunity to make their mark on Australia’s newest city, the shortlist of five leading architecture firms is Arcadia Landscape Architecture, ASPECT Studios, Hassell Studio (pictured below), T.C.L (top) and Turf Design Studio.

At five times the size of Barangaroo or 69 Sydney Cricket Grounds, Bradfield City Centre is one of the country’s most ambitious, innovative, and exciting projects.

A short metro ride from the new 24/7 Western Sydney International airport, Central Park will welcome visitors from across the globe and become a key gathering space for residents and workers.

Construction on Bradfield City Centre will be staged.

Construction of the first building has already begun and is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2024.

Central Park will open in the last quarter of 2026 in line with Bradfield City Centre’s second building, Metro and Western Sydney International Airport.

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