Club bowled over with generosity of community

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Alex Matheson, right, receiving the Jack Attack kit from Bowls Australia representative Darren Morrison.

To say the first six months of 2022 has been tough on Camden men’s bowling club would be the understatement of the year.

There have been not one, not two but three major floods in that period.

Surging flood waters damaged the greens and inundated the clubhouse, ruining furniture and equipment each time.

One thing that somehow survived the first two floods was the junior bowling training kit called Jack Attack.

But the third rain bomb was just too much and Jack Attack was damaged beyond salvage or repair.

Throughout this saga the Camden and wider Macarthur community have been tremendous with their support, volunteering their time and energy.

Local businesses have also come to the aid of the party, donating blinds, cabinets and flooring to help the “Bowlo’’ get back on its feet.

But there was stillthe matter of replacing Jack Attack.

Camden bowling junior co-ordinator Alex Matheson was given the job to approach Bowls Australia and request that they replace the ruined Jack Attack kit.

Bowls Australia were only too happy to oblige.

One of their people, Darren Morrison, recently travelled to Camden to present a very pleased Alex Matheson with the brand new kit.

Mr Matheson, who has had a long history of nurturing junior bowlers with considerable success, was chuffed.

One of these junior bowlers to come under his tutelage was Ellen Ryan, who is now a Commonwealth Games gold medal winner.

Now armed with a training kit once again, he is looking forward to nurturing some more bowling champions of the future.

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