Rapid bus services to connect Wilton, Picton and Campbelltown

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Two new rapid bus services are under consideration for the Wilton growth area.

Transport for NSW says the plan is to help connect Wilton to Picton and Campbelltown.

Under the proposal, a new service would run every hour, seven days a week to connect Wilton with Picton, with a 30-minute service in the peak direction on weekdays connecting Wilton with Campbelltown.

Wollondilly Mayor Matt Gould has welcomed the announcemen and has called on all candidates in Saturday’s NSW election to commit to the plan.

“Wollondilly Shire Council has been advocating for public transport links to support future growth and development in Wilton for many years, so it’s good to see a plan in place for these much-needed rapid bus routes,’’ he said.

“I am asking all candidates in the State election to commit to having a Bus Rapid Transit in operation by 2024, with a plan developed and approved for future rail services.

“A public transport system will reduce dependence on cars, take pressure off the roads and provide all residents with easy access to nearby centres.

“The bus link to Campbelltown will mean improved access for commuters to the rail network, making it easier to travel to surrounding suburbs, shopping precincts, and the Sydney CBD.”

According to Transport for NSW, further investigations into the rapid bus service will consider bus stop locations, transport interconnectivity, the vehicles required, maintenance and running costs.

Bus stop locations will be identified to meet the needs of the community.

Once operational, Transport for NSW will monitor the uptake of the new services and consider customer demand to make adjustments if required.

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