Trial: body worn cameras for hospital security staff

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From left, Nathan Hagarty, NSW treasurer Daniel Mookhey, Charishma Kaliyanda during a visit to Liverpool Hospital, along with Sonia Marshall, health district CEO.

A South West Sydney hospital will be taking part in a 12-month trial of body worn cameras for security staff.

Improved safety for staff, patients and visitors is the aim of the trial.

Liverpool Hospital will be among nine across the state to assess whether the technology is effective at helping deter and de-escalate incidents in public hospitals.

Up to 300 body worn cameras will be in operation across the trial sites to test whether they are an effective tool for security staff to help prevent and manage violent situations, as well as potentially collect vision that could be used as evidence in prosecutions.

“Patients and staff at Liverpool Hospital deserve the peace of mind that they are safe when receiving or administering care,’’ says Member for Liverpool, Charishma Kaliyanda.

“Liverpool Hospital is the major hospital for the entire South Western Sydney Local Health District. I am very happy that it will be one of the first hospitals in our state to trial these enhanced safety measures.

“I have heard firsthand from staff the need to implement changes to guarantee safety. The government is committed to addressing their concerns,” Ms Kaliyanda said.

Planning work is currently under way to ensure privacy and security processes are in place to support the commencement of the body worn camera trial for security staff in public hospitals as soon as possible.

The use of body worn cameras will be done in a way that ensures the management of patient and staff privacy, with scenes only recorded if security officers believe there is a risk of harm to staff, patients, or others.

The trial will be independently evaluated once completed.

Member for Leppington, Nathan Hagarty, says that with Liverpool Hospital being one of the largest and busiest in Australia, the wellbeing of healthcare workers and patients is a top priority.

“I am proud to see the South Western Sydney Local Health District is leading the way in trialling these advanced safety measures,” he said.

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