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Australia Post cuts to services, executive bonuses under fire

Slashing services while Australia Post executives line up for bonuses would not pass the pub test in Campbelltown, Gregory Hills or Ingleburn, says the federal member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander.

Postal services look set to be cut in 38 suburbs across his electorate and Dr Freelander is not happy.

Cuts will mean reduced mail delivery frequency from daily to two or three days a week.

“The Morrison Government should not be using Covid-19 as a sneaky backdoor to slash services and attack the jobs of postal workers,” says Dr Freelander.

“That is why Labor opposed these changes in parliament, despite the Liberals and Nationals voting to lock the cuts in.”

Dr Freelander was scathing about reports that senior executives at Australia Post would earn significant bonuses, in spite of the recession and significant cuts to services.

“It is also reprehensible that senior Australia Post executives have been trying to hand themselves millions in bonuses in the middle of a recession and nationwide service cuts,” he said.

“This is clearly unacceptable, especially from a public company, and would not pass a pub test in Campbelltown, Gregory Hills, Ingleburn or anywhere else in the country.

Dr Freelander has slammed cuts to postal services.

“State and Federal Liberal Governments have forgotten the concept that they exist to serve the public, not to provide high incomes for senior executives.

“Neither are they there just to serve the interest of big business.

“We have seen a range of State and Federal Government enterprises be unresponsive to peoples’ needs, quite brutal to their workforce, and reduce services – which severely affect peoples’ quality of life.

“Government services are there to serve the people, and Labor will always support this.”

Dr Freelander pledged Labor will continue to fight for essential services and jobs and hold Scott Morrison and his government accountable for their attacks on the postal service.

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