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Wild dogs, foxes targeted in Spring campaign for Macarthur

Biosecurity experts have again joined forces with landholders in the Macarthur region to launch a pest animal control campaign throughout Spring. Led by Greater Sydney Local Land Services, the program is set to target wild dogs and foxes threatening livestock, wildlife, and domestic pets in the area. Project lead, seniorRead more »


The road to resilience and recovery after losing a child

Ken Barnard is a father of four who is surviving a parent’s worst fear of losing a child. After a knock on their door in July 2014, Ken and his wife, Lynn, learnt that their youngest son Aaron had died by suicide. Ken, now 70 years-old, says: “Our world collapsed.’’Read more »


Better deal on the way for aerotropolis landowners

The NSW Government looks set to implement at least some of the recommendations of a report from the Independent Community Commissioner for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. There are 40 recommendations from the Commissioner on how the government could better support local landowners.  Key recommendations supported by the government include: Establishing the Independent CommunityRead more »


Why new stormwater drainage systems are a health hazard

Stormwater drainage systems South Western Sydney councils are being forced to build in new residential areas should be reconsidered, says Peter Harle. The Liverpool councillor says he has been opposed to these stormwater systems for more than 10 years because they are hideously expensive to maintain and a health hazardRead more »


Rise Above: lifting the bar on community service

Ten years ago, Josh Cotter was named Campbelltown young citizen of the year for Australia Day. He won that honour for community service initiatives while he was captain of John Therry High School. In 2021, the Campbelltown born and bred Josh Cotter is running a community service project that raisesRead more »

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